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Tips for Reducing Body Odor

Nothing can diminish your confidence or disrupt your day more than body odor, but there are natural methods available to you for controlling it.

Though everyone produces some body odor, it is certainly possible to reduce it with proper hygiene practices, laundry protocols, and diet!

Wash Your Clothes Regularly

Whilst it is normal to produce body odor, washing your clothes frequently can help keep you smelling fresh and clean. Wearing the same clothing several days in a row allows bacteria to build up, contributing to body odor. Washing them as soon as possible also prevents stains or reduces any smells due to body sweat or chemical or food sources.

Undergarment and socks should be washed immediately after use; other clothing types like t-shirts, jeans, and bras may often be worn multiple times before being washed. Always read and follow any care label instructions provided with your clothing for guidance on when it should be washed; if your clothes continue smelling even after washing them multiple times it might be worthwhile exploring additional odor-fighting strategies.

To reduce body odor, the best approach is to prevent its formation in the first place by regularly showering and applying deodorant, particularly after exercising. Furthermore, you can help minimize body odor by limiting foods that contribute to it such as garlic and onions.

Use of fabric softener or dryer sheets can help eliminate body odor from clothing, as well. If your clothes smell musty, try adding 14 cup of baking soda or switching over to Dropps Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent which features enzymes specifically to combat mustiness and remove it more effectively.

If you can’t wash your clothing immediately, try spraying an armpit area with a solution of water and baking soda or using heavy-duty deodorizers like Febreze or Tide Pods 4 in 1 Febreze Sport Odor Defense or Sweat X Sport Extreme Laundry Detergent to temporarily neutralize odor. Or soak your clothes for at least 30 minutes in cold water mixed with two cups of baking soda to eliminate the smell from within before washing.

Change Your Sweaty Clothes

If you don’t frequently change your sweaty clothing, it can become quickly saturated with body odor and begin to stink like your armpits if left alone for too long. Luckily, there are simple solutions available to you to prevent this situation; first among them being using detergent specifically made to kill bacteria on clothes like cotton that allow skin breathing. Also consider opting for natural fabrics like rayon which allow breathable ventilation.

Antiperspirant can help block pores that cause you to sweat. Over-the-counter and prescription antiperspirants may reduce sweat gland odor. Furthermore, you should try avoiding foods like garlic and onions which contribute to body odor.

Once wet clothes become the breeding ground of bacteria, which then spreads across your body. This can result in uncomfortable chafing that hinders movement during workouts – not only is this unpleasant but can make workouts harder too!

One effective strategy to reduce body odor is changing into dry clothes immediately following an exercise session and hanging them to dry on a clothesline rather than placing them into your hamper or washing machine right away. As long as damp clothing stays damp, more bacteria will absorb it, increasing your chances of developing yeast infections like BV (bacterial vaginosis). Air drying your clothes before laundering can help avoid this situation altogether; natural deodorizers like baking soda may help as they contain alkaline properties which help neutralize any acidic scents left by bacteria; using natural deodorizers like baking soda can neutralize these acidic properties as an alkaline agent removes these acidic smells by neutralizing acidic properties by neutralizing acidic ones instead.

Wash Your Underarms Regularly

As someone who sweats profusely, frequent armpit washings are important. Sweat itself is odorless; rather it is bacteria interacting with it that creates body odor. Shower at least once every day with careful consideration to armpits, groin area and skin folds when taking a bath or shower – use gentle soap or mild antibacterial cleanser when cleansing them for maximum effectiveness.

Apply tea tree oil directly to your underarms as it’s an effective natural antiseptic. Dilute two teaspoons of the essential oil with water before dotting on areas that tend to smell bad.

As another way of combatting body odor, drinking lots of water is another effective strategy for decreasing it. Water acts as a natural deodorant by flushing away toxins that contribute to foul smells; combined with baking soda’s moisture-absorbing abilities and antibacterial protection capabilities, drinking enough water is an ideal way to decrease body odor.

Food choices should also play a part in body odor, including garlic, onions and spices such as curry. Certain medications and health conditions may cause your odor to change suddenly as well, so if there are any noticeable differences it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional immediately.

Home remedies may also help relieve body odor, such as apple cider vinegar or witch hazel. Both remedies contain natural antiseptics to fight bacteria while balancing pH levels in skin cells, making them easy and quick ways to combat body odor. Simply soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar or witch hazel and apply to areas prone to body odor (armpits/underarms etc). As an extra boost try rubbing half a lemon over your underarms as natural deodorant!

Try Shaving Your Underarms

If you have abundant underarm hair, shaving it could help reduce body odor. Armpit hair traps sweat that traps bacteria that breaks it down into smelly compounds; when your underarms are shaved regularly the sweat evaporates more efficiently and thus significantly lessening odor.

Studies have demonstrated that people with shaved underarms tend to have reduced body odor. To ensure an effective shave experience, use a moisturizing lubricant when shaving underarms to prevent razor burn and bumps from developing, while post-shave balm can provide moisture back into your skin after you finish shaving.

Though its exact cause remains a mystery, one theory holds that humans need armpit hair in order to trap sweaty scent and attract mates. Today however, most societies consider it acceptable for most individuals to remove underarm hair.

Other factors can contribute to body odor, including certain medical conditions and hormones, like hot flashes and night sweats that occur during menopause can alter body odor. Onions and garlic also produce aroma that contribute to body odor.

Try using natural deodorant with baking soda as it can effectively eliminate body odor by killing off bacteria causing it. Or you could try applying lemon juice directly onto your underarms; lemon contains citric acid which works against bacteria while helping eliminate body odor.

Try Exfoliating Your Skin

Your skin constantly sheds dead cells, which is beneficial in that it makes room for new, healthy ones to emerge. Unfortunately, when these dead cells go undefected or don’t shed as quickly, they can block pores and give off an unpleasant odor we all recognize. But don’t despair–with some simple DIY exfoliation steps you can get rid of these pesky old ones quickly and eliminate that nasty scent!

Your skin deserves something gentle, such as a salt scrub. Or for something simpler yet still effective, why not create your own natural homemade version using dry oats in a food processor or blender and combine it with oil such as jojoba, coconut or almond? Apply this mixture directly onto armpits before rinsing off afterwards just after a game of online poker on any of the sites mentioned at

If you prefer not to do it yourself, sugar scrubs can also provide great exfoliation results – just be careful that too much can irritate the sensitive underarm area! When testing an over-the-counter scrub or stronger chemical exfoliation treatment on either the back of your neck or inside of your wrist first before applying it directly onto your underarms.

Vinegar can also help reduce body odor. Since vinegar’s highly acidic nature doesn’t provide ideal conditions for bacteria that thrives under your armpits, its acidity helps neutralize smelly odors effectively.

Start supplementing your stick, gel and roll-on deodorants with exfoliants containing glycolic acid to enhance their effectiveness and control bacteria growth. These products can be found at local beauty stores as well as online, making this an excellent solution for guys seeking something non-pore clogging yet effective against body odor.